Sili Gloves Trim

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This design was made with the trimmers and packagers in mind. Made using a stretchable silicone on the palm-side and fingers, these gloves are made for dexterity! As close to a throw-away glove (in feel) as we can get, this product will blow you away. It has all the same non-stick features as the garden edition, while still giving you the ability to grab small objects and move your fingers with ease. Concentrates and trichomes are repelled by the platinum-cured silicone, so don't worry about ruining your fresh flowers, or losing product because they are forever stuck on your nitriles. Though Sili Gloves Trim can be used on most projects, it is suggested to use this style for less strenuous work, while using the Garden edition for projects such as bucking and chopping down plants.